It’s true. Everything changes very fast, especially in the communication world. However, there are some things that shouldn’t change, such as the value of things done well and the importance of looking after the details. At La Querida Publicidad we therefore aim to combine the best of the sector’s dynamism with the established values of our profession. Because only then can we create the advertising that everyone – clients and agency - wants. It’s what we call "La Querida Publicidad".


Projects Some of the campaigns and projects we have worked on.

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About us You have to really love advertising to do something like this.

La querida publicidad

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The question comes up again and again: how dare you open an advertising agency with everything that is (was, will be?) going on? In November 2010 we were all expecting things to start improving when in fact the worst was still to come.

And just at that time, with the economy in free fall and the advertising sector at a standstill, we decided to set up La Querida Publicidad. Thinking about it now, people are right to ask the question: it was a really daring move. But what would our profession be without a sense of daring? The answer is probably anything but our profession. The fact is that from the beginning leading brands, multinational companies, entrepreneurs and small businesses have relied on us to run their communication projects. And we are grateful for this chance to give the best of ourselves.

La Querida Publicidad is a small agency, which allows us to enjoy a close relationship with our clients and to be fast, flexible and creative. This means that everyone, from the managing director to the latest person to join the team, gets fully involved in the work. We do not have a big corporate building or offices spread around the world, but make up for it by listening to you and working hard.

So that you know what we are about: we believe in combining talent and vocation. We think that creativity is the means for achieving what our clients need, not an end in itself. We like to be trusted and to place our trust in others. And more than anything else, we like to have a good time while we work.



Everything they say about advertising agencies is true: we play table tennis between jobs and take the chance to watch videos on YouTube whenever we can. However, the truth is that the most fun we have is when we’re working.


We’re crazy about creativity, not crazy creative types. This means only one thing: we are creative for our clients, not because of our egos.


The fact that a client knows what they want doesn’t mean they want what they need. Our work is not just to respond to a briefing: we study the client’s problem in depth and if there is a better way of solving it, we’ll do it.


We are optimists. We think that if something can get better, it will. That’s why we’re not worried about the recession, or the speed at which our profession is changing. We are convinced that anything can be overcome with a lot of effort and hard work.

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360º? Good ideas in any format.



In a world such as ours, where everything seems to dramatically change from one day to the next, it’s easy to lose focus. Just when we’ve got used to the latest development, another one emerges and threatens to wipe out the history of the last one. And so it goes on.

But if we take a step back from the furious pace of the world and analyse the situation, we can draw some conclusions.

There are no good or bad media; only well or badly-used media.

Having a good idea is the most important thing. It doesn’t matter whether it is heard, read or seen, or if it is captured on paper, a screen or canvas. If it is good, it will adapt to any format you can imagine.

However, this doesn’t mean that we don’t have to keep up with the latest developments. Quite the opposite: every innovation represents a new opportunity to get the most out of each idea.

At La Querida Publicidad we create ideas and advise you on the best ways to bring them to life: all with the aim of getting the result you want.

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Clients These are some of the clients who have placed their trust in us.


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